Written by: Melissa Ross

I am thankful;
That my life was blessed,
For the very best,
By yours-
I know of your trials;
The great depression,
This is my session,
To let you know,
I may not be,
Ready to go,
You’ll understand,
You’ll take my hand,
I hear of my dad-
Makin that bottle rocket,
He was so out of pocket,
When it busted open my aunt’s thigh,
And you can’t explain why,
Your father left those ones and wine,
But you insist we find,
And shit,
I took you for granted,
When I angrily ranted,
Over such petty things;
Those gypsy rings,
This special memory,
And what you’ve said to me,
Will always stay,
I’ll never stray,
In my remembrance,
All those Estee Lauder scents,
And each time you put your two cents,
How you always wanted ME to win;
I think you outta know,
This changed my life,
Though debilitating strife,
It’s washed me,
Guided me;
To the right location,
My imagination,
Run wild with-
Images of,
You above;
In a perfumed garden,
My heart hardens,
When I realize,
Never again crystallized,
In front of me,
Will you be-
I’m missin you,
It’s too true,
But you would be proud,
Your shout would pierce loud,
Seeing where I am now,
You were my treasured pal,
No more-
And I’m on the floor,
Mourning on the laminate-
In front of your corpse-
But I’m thankful;
Because I’ve been blessed with,
Your angelic presence.