Freedom's Flight

Written by: Meagan Yet Foy

As fragile as a butterfly's wing
Trapped in a cage unable to sing
Free to hate but forbidden to love
Passion flows freely within her blood
Red roses of shame blossom upon her cheeks
Deep within her hope must seek
Fleeting now like the sun's last rays
Disappearing now to return another day
Night desends and darkness surrounds
Forever trapped, eternally bound
A promise that she could never keep
The lies take their toll, piling in a heap
Her sanity slowly disappears
She is consumed by all of her fears

Scared to love and scared to hate
Desperately searching for the secret gate
Her pathway from this evil place
Freedom so close she can almost taste
Not impossible she heads for the light
A great adventure, her miraculous flight
Never stopping till she is free
Through the door she is able to see
A wonderous new world, her destiny
A wonderful new person she is able to be
Her past is behind, her futures ahead
Maybe now her heart will mend.