Written by: Jesu Johnson

Could have been born ANY one THING. but instead I was one of the chosen, to be made a HUMAN BEING. Could have been a bird, flying high in the sky, but i was granted imagination, that still allows me to fly. Could have been made a star, up, up in the heavens and the sky, but instead I'm heaven sent, to shine in someone's life. Do you ever question why???? You could have been a evergreen tree, standing majestic and tall. But instead you like me, you are human, one of the greatest gifts of all. We could have been mother earth, suffering, struggling, trying to survive to sustain nature, ITSELF, or Father time trying to keep pace, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, to insure the value of humanity above all ELSE. So everyday take the time to give thanks and praise, cause you like me are among the lucky ones, that could have been many of things. But instead we were born, SPECIAL, we were born, HUMAN BEINGS.