Bah Humbug Halloween Is Humbug

Written by: Elton Camp

Bah!  Humbug!  Halloween is Humbug!

By Elton Camp 

Most holidays from pagan rites did arise
In the case of Halloween, it’s no surprise

It glorifies the macabre and even the dead
That alone is actually quite enough said

“But for the little kids it is just a fun day”
Is what so many will likely protest and say

But is that the type of “fun” that kids need
A night devoted to most insatiable greed?

On their insistent demand of “Trick or treat,”
People give them unwholesome things to eat

Perhaps it may be a sicko psycho out there
Who has a bit of poison that he can share

And this in a child’s mind might well stick
Vandalism’s okay if you just call it a trick

This wrong by the parents can be controlled
Kids won’t do it if the reasons they’re told