The Clock

Written by: Richard Moriarty

He greets everyone as soon as they enter the hall with a great big smile on his full moon-like face arms always moving, no matter the time or place. Just wind him up and he never stops running, not allowed to keep time from losing no matter the pace. The tick of the clock I thought would never stop it kept on going no matter the day; day or night the pendulum swung with each quarter hour the chimes were rung. He's seen so much in our life pass by keeping on measuring it tick by tick counting the hours lick by lick. Each day that comes his friendly face is there ticking and chiming all the way. This old friend has been here many a year greeting me and all who enter day by day he just keeps on going never getting tired or slowing down his face always smiling, never a frown. How I love to see his face knowing that he will greet me when I enter the place never a miss of the tick of the clock as long as the pendulum swings he never stops.