A life in waiting is a weight in living

Written by: Jennifer Ratcliffe

A life in waiting is a weight in living,
the more you shove your tongue
down the swallowed route
the more you'll be wrung
and suffering breath for the mute.
If I didn't have an Offence- O-meter
I would be happier,
but I would also be accosted.

A life in waiting is a weight in living,
Crawling to walking
Strengthens the caulking
on the runners stalking,
and zip zip zips
the tips
of your toes to the ground.
Who'll make the sound
of the morbid when you're done?

A life in waiting is a weight in living,
and the weight of existence
is a reminiscence
of what you missed,
whilst everyone else kissed
the hate, the love, the livid,
the missed, the depressed, the rigid,
everyone is tangled
and together we are a bit mangled
but all as one,
is one for all.
And without you we'll eventually fall.

Patience is a virtue,
and wildness too,
and so we live privileged and restricted,
and we wait for the wake
of all our dreams come true,
but this life of waiting is a life I'll never of knew.

Take a picture and pass it on,
circle the differences until you're done,
and when you're fed up of waiting
in your tower of political correctness
of purification failure
of nothing but age,
turn to the mirror and see the lines you grew
without the rain having ever fallen on their cracks you never drew.