why cant i forget you

Written by: heidi digman

sometimes the people you love the most are the ones you hurt the most
we try to act strong like there isnt anything wrong
we try to hide all the tears we've cried 
life goes by to fast we try to make everything last
i feel so far away theres so much i wanna say
i try to form the words but i think about how i'm hurt
i wanna shout but no words will come out
my heart is broken but no words have been spoken
why does my heart skip a beat everytime our eyes meet
how could you just stop loveing me is this how it's gonna be
why is it that everytime i see you holding her hand i feel like i'm in quick sand
do you care about what we shared
why cant i stand tall why do i always feel like i'm gonna fall
a kiss goodbye not this time
do you wish we never met are you full of regret
why cant i forget you now that we are through