Half Empty

Written by: Vickie Ortiz Vazquez

Half Empty, 2011
Vickie M. Ortiz Vazquez

To describe oneself, what question must be asked?
One driven by reality?
To speak of the physical beauty that resembles humble being
“Beauty is where you find it” sings Madonna
Should I bomb descriptive words which stop at physical characteristics?
For while my cup is half empty, hers is half full
Driven by beauty standards
Unheard off
Reality just to those with wealth
Illusionist balancing individual’s self-esteem
Through the cut
Thread together; million dollar hands
Is my glass really half empty?
“Beauty is where you find it” sings Madonna
Should I painterly describe the beauty walking alone?
The one not understood
Hidden behind leaves, thorns
Casted aside because she lacks size zero
Trying to fit in yet not in her clothes
To be or not to be
One’s self that is
Casted aside because she speaks her lingo
Forceful to protect
Hidden behind hurtful words, thoughts
Survival skills gone
Or, is it?
Social interaction forgotten
Casted aside because she mirrors society’s wrongfulness
Body scan reveals six distinctive colors
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
Blues streaming constantly
A cut
Deep red spills
So, I ask; to describe one’s self what question must be sought?