The Bathroom Peeper

Written by: FABIYAS M V

Lured by the light in bathroom, 
The bathroom peeper comes,
Prowling through the layers of darkness.
Seeing two paws clinging on the window bars
Of secrecy, or a pair of hot eyes
Burning through the holes of lust,
A village virgin whoops,
When the bathroom peeper slinks away.

As the hot sun rays warm the canal ,
He hides in the bushy banks,
Throwing his blue eyes in to the distant nudity.
Sometimes, he is seen being chased
By the rustics with bamboo sticks.
But quick oblivion is a bliss,
And he gets duty bound again.

Hiding is a risk
But peeping is a pleasure.
Through the twigs and bars,he stares
At the other side of pleasures.