If I ever get the chance

Written by: Nikita Parker

If i ever get another chance to show you that i love you,
I will use it.
I will make you know even if it is for a moment that i love you.
If i could go back in time and fix everything i would.
I would make it so i never cheated on you,
I would make it so that we actually had a relationship,
and not some 'oh were not dating but we kiss all the time' thing.

I wish that you never cheated on me!
If i could make you feel loved for a moment i would.
Oh i love you so much and you dont know that now.
If i knew better i would give up.

You have her now,
And i have him,
but the feelings are still there.
I have never stopped loving the way that you held me,
The way that you kissed me so gently,
the way that you made me feel when we sat together in class.
Never paying attention to the teacher.

If your hand could brush mine for a moment a single millisecond
My life could go on.

I am desperate to let you know that,
even though he is back
and you has her,
that i love you,
no matter what i will be here,
even if she cheats on you.

Not that im hoping that will happen,
just know,
If i ever got another chance this would have never happened.