that night

Written by: heidi digman

i think about that night
when everything was alright
when i wasnt worried about what would happen in the morning
when i thought everything would work out i didnt have any doubt
but now im having doubt
yes, i love you with all my heart, i do
but now everytime i hear your name i feel an aching pain
i dont know if we are still together or if you have found someone better
you are all i seeked but something i cant keep
we have gone through so much debate that i dont know if this is our fate
that night made us tight
but now we are apart
im all alone in the dark
why are we pretending that our love isnt ending
there is so much i wish i knew but our love is gonna die soon
do you even care about what we once shared
i dont wanna us to be a broken memorey why cant you see that you belong with me
i miss that night when everything was aright
now here we are face to face but we still cant fill in the space between us is this love
i dont wanna go through anymore debate soon we will found out our fate