Musical Mate

Written by: Sneha Agarwal

Rapture when it voice embraces mine
Encapsulates the beauty of each sound
So clearly describes my mood all time
Makes me traverse the world round

The notes adapt so easily to emotions
Like a mother’s love without imitation
Strength of strings vary to give notions
Like a blessing coming from heaven

Bridges and pegs modify for happiness
A best friend guiding my soul forever
Taking away all thoughts of sadness
Satisfying the loneliness if I feel ever

True companion of hot summery days
Turns winter nights beautiful with tune
Plectrum strikes to giving joyous space
Renders ecstatic smile not easily swoon

Relives each time when the chords play
Like a child resuscitates a fading heart
Inspires to move ahead whatever may
Music creates an ambiance to re-start

Lost in busy life gives a worthy break
Spending time with whole self and self
Gives the desired while takes away fake
A Companion my life just waits to delve

Name: Sneha Agarwal
Contest Name: Sound madness
Instrument Name: Guitar