A Thousand Splendid Suns Part 10

Written by: Jacque Graham

There was no choice
I took the blame
I killed him
Now they can live
Tariq, Laila, Aziza, Zalmai,
They will go to Pakistan
They will have a future
I will go
The court convicts me of murder
I am put in prison
I am a hero there
Because I killed my husband.

They take me in a truck
"Are you scared?"
My death is coming soon
The end
The beginning?
I was able to do a good thing
I was loved
Life is hard
But there was good in those last years
Tea with Laila
Aziza's love
Sharing the burden
I have served my purpose
I still died a faceless death
Hidden by a burka
Only a woman, nothing special
But behind this faceless face of mine
Lay a fulfilled purpose
A purpose
A life
I walked forward
I knelt
I was executed
For nothing?
For something.
My name is Mariam
I matter.