Written by: Harold Napier

I keep thinking 
That  some  thing  inside  of  me  belong  to  you
And aye!  You owe me some thing
I keep thinking
That all your voyages shall bring you in my waters
And  my  shore  shall  always  arrest  thy  vessel
I keep thinking
That you are a chartered course
And   your  life  shall  shorten the dimension  of  your journey
To this thing inside of me
I keep thinking
This thing inside of me is the quencher of life’s thirst
And aye!  You are in life’s dessert
I  keep  thinking
That  thy  ship shall find the oasis of our life’s ocean
I   keep  thinking!
Aye!   You shall water thy vessel at the feet of my seas
And life voyage shall wash thee in the pier of my life
And this thing inside of me!  Shall harbor you upon my shores 

Dear readers I am indeed elated to mention that the poem: THESE ARE MY HEARTS was published in 
the Jamaica Sunday Gleaner on 27th of November 2011. (The Gleaner company was established in 
1834) I am most grateful for the inspiring comments; which you have taken your precious time to 
mention: Certainly they represented the skeleton in which I was able to construct my faith and 
confidence upon.. Call me Spolly.             
  6TH  April  1979