is it like it was

Written by: heidi digman

so here ya'll are
ya'll have gone so far
i'm sure ya'll have had your share of fights
alot of sleepless nights
tears you have cried 
and tried to hide
hurtful words spoken
hearts broken
but also smiles 
that drove you wild
moments you didn't wanna let go
words that were spoken slow
and full of love
i know you wonder if thats enough
but think about how your eyes meet
how your skips a beat
how he holds your hand 
how he understands
is he the one
or are ya'll done
is kissing him like flying
does he hold you when your crying
do you even have a clue
do he make it hard for you to breathe
do u wanna leave 
does he look at you 
the way he used to
think about the first day 
when your heart was beating so hard you didn't know what to say
is it like it was then 
or has it all came to an end