Depends on your give

Written by: john bernard

With the mind if a sinner
But the heart of a saint
I will cook you a dinner
Without a complaint

Would you kiss me to show me
That you really may care
Would you let me go free
With no kind of snare

I live all the dreams
That I really do love
If you hear any screams
It’s the joy from above

I will love you so open
While my hate will be shut
How I do all my coping
It comes straight from the gut

If I’m hurting your feelings
Its time to speak out
With all of our dealings
I’m not letting you pout

Nothing can hurt me
But the hurt of my love
I will never be free
If it fits like a glove

Who would want to be free
If you love where you live
I just want to be me
With more loving to give

Live and let love
Or love and let live
It may fly as a dove
Depends on your give

Words I have spelt
For your reading of me
Before you I’ve knelt
For my wanting to be

If love is forever
Then why does it end
For being together
Never should bend

Going to have fun
All done for today
My writing all done
I am going to play