The Turnaround

Written by: Rockman Pritts

I'm caught up in a maelstrom
That's trying to pull me in
I keep on swimming outward
But I feel that I can't win

Like feces in a toilet
As the water pulls it down
I refuse to let that happen
I will not let me drown

My mind is forged from muscle
My muscles forged from steel
They both combine to give me strength
To carry out my will

When I survive to stay alive
I'll celebrate the day
I'll take a breath and heave a sigh
And then I'll have my say

I'll stand upon a pedestal
The crowds will cheer my name
I'll raise my hands in victory
And they will do the same

The sun will share my glory
And the stars will share my shine
All will know the beauty 
That the three of us combine

I have a heart. I have a soul
I have a light within
Let everybody out there know
My final word is "WIN"

Rockman  :-)