Hail To The Savior

Written by: Clarence Billheimer

Hail to the Savior!  Born in a manger of hay.
He came to ransom poor, lost sinners;
He came to take their sin away.
Oh, hail Him, hail the Son of God,
Sing praise to His name.
Born in Bethlehem, the city of David,
Of a virgin born upon that day.
Born the king, and yet He’s born so humbly,
In a stable, there in the manger He lay.
Hail to the Savior!

Hail to the Savior!  Risen up from the grave!
He rose to conquer death’s dominion;
He rose, our souls to eternally save.
Oh, hail Him, hail the Lamb of God,
Sing praise to His name.
His blood, the pure eternal sacrifice,
Was shed upon the rugged tree.
They crucified Him on that mountain;
He arose from sin to set us free.
Hail to the Savior!

	These words written to “Ave Maria.”