Even Black Hearts Hurt

Written by: Jesse Devile

I'm sorry, I know i was wrong.
I am sure you  heard others sing the same song.

I was wrong you are right,
I miss you, i don't want to fight.

My heart is hurting and  broke.
I miss the last time we spoke.

You mean everything to me.
You are there in every picture I see.

Your voice is in all the words I hear.
And my eyes? They are broken, all cried out, nothing left, not even one tear.

I said forever, and I mean it still
please just take me back, if you will.

My heart ache, i feel like it is sore about to fall out of my chest.
My mind is all about you, racing 1k miles an hour and i don't want it to rest.

You are special to me, my sunshine on a cloudy day,
you always know how to cheer me up, you always know what to say.

Your words crush me and raise me up,
i know i should be put in the doghouse, i was a bad pup.

I am the one that messed everything up, it was my lies and my mistake,
i don't blame you for being mad on that i do not debate i am a fruad and a fake.

I am mighty, I am a King, I am royality, but unto you, I submit.
I miss you, your cold shoulder hurts, I think i got frostbit.

I await on you, I will wait. Like a good lil boy I'll sit.
I'll always try to get you back. I won't quit.