Epipoeticplectic - An awesome spoken word martial artist : AKRONEMS W BLOCK

Written by: Wanda Ridley

Awesome is what I heard.
a Kung fu master poet spoken word martial artist nunchuckering his words.
kaRate kicking, chopping, spit splitting nouns, adjectives and verbs.
yo vOice defines its comfort zone, spitting dictionary through the microphone.
a traNsformation of mr dictionary to a vivid pictionary.
a voicEprint crobratically erected ventriloquilizing from the ink.
causes Me to feel and think
the mans Salivary glands spit spoken word poetically totally in super sync.    
they have sWollen and begun to secrete
epileptic By like products foaming spoken word with a poetic convulsing beat.
this is realLy forming a mouthful of hot poetic word heat.
wisdom bluetOoth biting, fighting, writing through his pen
presses and kiCkstarts his tongue to send
spoken word the Kinsman of poetry makes an epipoeticplectic wireless connection blend.