My Blossom

Written by: Anya Chebukina

I wished to hold you in my arms.
I wished to see your smile.
I couldn't hold back those feelings. 
That you let blossom in my heart. 
But when you walked away that day. 
My heart froze over and everything went gray. 
Then came along some one else and brought the color back... 
He's still here right now... 
Thank you Lord for always being there for me.
You brought me back a colored rainbow
When no one seemed to care.

You held me in your arms.
You encouraged me to smile
You gave me back the feelings 
That some one that froze.
You came to me in the form of a man
Full of God and love
Thank you God for this wonderful man
I know some day
My vision of this man 
Will come and knock at my door
And with love, I'll open my heart to him
And those feelings will blossom again.