Written by: Qanit Effendi

I am gone, I wish it was’nt a fact,
Paradise is reality, world was an act,

My will to come back is true,
Hard to search here, a friend like you,

My return is forbidden, so won’t be possible,
Gates are closed, limits uncrossable,

I remember the moments we spent together,
Made our difficulties light as a feather,

Dear friend, this is my will,
I am not there, but I am still,

Your strength to lead my funeral is brave,
Pull down the hearse and offer my grave,

Please make green my coffin through tears,
Please prove to be one who cares,

My bones will vanish, my blood will drain,
A time will come we’ll meet again,

Death is mandatory for sure,
Purely inevitable with no cure,

Be blessed and take care my friend,
We were pals, will stay till the end.