For every trials i've been through
You were the one I hold on to
You hailed me up during my downfall
How can I pay you back for all?

Rains and storms shakes me strongly
That there were times I was hurt so deeply
You give me reasons to still believe
For this uncertain world has much to give.

In times I needed your presence
I can't see of your absence
You were always there for me
No matter how difficult the situation be.

Everyday in my God's given life
Expect me to be at your side
If time comes that you're in despair
Please know that I am just here.

Nothing can compares you
These words I utter is true
Coz you are worth to be treasured
Here in this roller coaster world.

Dude, even though were miles apart
I won't get tired of reaching you up
For you became a part of my heart
And it will remain for the rest of my life.