Never-ceasing Desire

Written by: bilkan erkmen

Trust the word I utter for I love thee with such passion and longing.
For thou art the embodiment of heavenly elegance and divine grace.
Thy ever-glimmering eyes be never filled with sorrow and woe,
Let them gleam with joy and never-ceasing desire,
Like stars glittering in a clear and serene night.
Our love might seem like a serpentine stream,
Turning, twisting as if fading away and barely flowing in a rough riverbed,
But be not deceived by this tricky semblance,
For the river is strong, rounding the rocks that obstruct the path,
Reaching at last the ever-green land where it opens to a placid pond.
Thy love shakes my soul to the deepest speck,
Like a mighty blizzard in a quiet night sends shivers down the spine.
For it is thee who sits on the golden throne of my heart.
As long as the grand eye of heaven shines and the splendiferous stars glow,
I shall be yours and you shall be mine, forever and ever.