Written by: Ashley Smith

Life lessons learned the hard way
In an undesired fashion
Learning to give up worldly ways
To obtain a Godly passion

My heart's desire was fulfilled
For only a short amount of time
That's when I noticed that not all is good
And worldly influences often lose their prime

My heart should be so full of joy
And passion for my Savior
That when a man comes into my life
I know it's God doing me a favor

I pray for strength daily
Strength to know my worth and judge not
For the only way to true happiness
Is to seek what Jesus sought

My soul cries out for comfort
Down my face tears graze
All along I should've searched for the One
By trusting, worship, and praise

So I ask for God to motivate me
To understand my thoughts
With time I'll know to appreciate unanswered prayers
Instead of examining the 'it-oughts.'