Witches' Brew- A Halloween Tale

Written by: Ray Dillard

The witches West of Wichita
Have gathered for the night.
Darkness is upon them, yet,
The moon is shining bright.

Hanging perfect in the blackness
Of the still October sky,
Casting shadows of a feline,
Her back is arching high.

A scream that breaks the silence
Of the stillness in the air,
Sends chills through all who hear it.
A sound that says, “Beware”!

Incantations uttered softly….
Something’s added to the brew.
A pinch of this,,,a snip of that,
The sisters stir their stew.

Vapors rise above the vat,
Dancing like a snake,
Twisting,,,turning wildly,
It’s alive for goodness sake!

Then, in a secret language
Only spoken by a few,
The eldest whispers something,,,
"Happy Halloween for You"!