Written by: awoh kingsley awoh

The torrential rain subsided 
As she peep through the dark mute street
With her heart socked in regrets
A decision has to be taken
Parenting the small angel alone is hard to chew 
The little angel smile at her
But she waved it swiftly
As she robed him beside the trash of life
Tears dropped from her eyes
With his umbilical cord still oozing 
A connection to motherhood
Her breasts still beaconing
The innocent look, innocently smile at her
She reached out for her swift feet, lest hell is set loose
At sun sets
Passersby nodding
Vehicular moves halt
The atmosphere filled with fears
Has the world gone gaga as Lady Gaga?
Well we are all insane retorted a voice
The boy grew in home far away from her womb
With his true identity unknown
Terror and love visits him daily,
Questioning his identity
Who am I?
Am I just an accident by birth?
Am I actually Awoh?
Even as such, 
If my true identity remains unknown
I shall give the world a definition.

awoh awoh