Written by: Paul Beadnall

If all i done was make you feel,the way that you do now my feelings be the exact same,it`s simple this is how. We share eachothers thoughts,and what we want to do my sweetheart,my soulmate, this poem with love to you. Our meeting be it fate,i express that so very strong the escapades between the lines, i admit a little wrong. But life has it`s ways of ironing out, all the little creases however there maybe others,who may need to pick up the pieces. Together everyday,and this and forever more knowing we have have found our path,that suits us to the core. We do so both have siblings,which have now flown nest so i will do my utmost to give my love the best.
. Paul Beadnall. Sponsor Paula Swanson Contest Name If All I Did Was Make You Feel. 8/10/11.