Words That Make You Feel

Written by: Lee Ramage

You seemed to love me and I thought it was real, Young and foolish, I was so naive but quite genteel, Attended all your ballgames, cheered you on with zeal, Even learned curling so we could join your bonspiel. I played your queen at functions, you had a great deal, Said you loved me once, I thought that was the seal. After your presidency was done, you played the heel, Said it was over between us, our situation was not ideal, Your expression was matter of fact, your face cold as steel, Suddenly I felt nauseous my world spinning like a wheel, Looking in your eyes, this whole courtship was surreal. Did everything you asked of me, my love I cannot repeal, Could anyone truly love you more, that was my appeal. For once you became quiet, this relationship a lying ordeal, My words, my actions ~ If all I did, was make you feel. Written October 7, 2011 For Paula Swanson’s contest “If all I did, was make you feel”