Written by: Michelle Beck

Words slice the core of my heart,
Catch my breath.
The pit of my stomach screams with anguish.
Teeth clench so hard, they shake in revulsion.

A sudden heat wave of nausea,
Sweeps the periphery.
Weak and weaker the knees collapse beneath the burden.
The hairs erect, their bitter scorn tears through my skin.
A shudder shakes through the entirety. 

The mouth is dry; the Tongue curls, longing for reassurance,
Swallow, hard but still no morsel of satisfaction to be had.
Fierce desperate nails embed themselves into the palms, 
Only to be juxtaposed against the senseless stream of sweat 
Drenching it's surface.

Eyelids cascade with a deep sigh of knowing,
Knowing all to well this feeling of betrayal,
Betrayal the body recognises and smiles as it's friend.
The burning power of knowledge, in drolet form, 
Falls from the mirrors of the soul.

Skull swells with flashing images,
Words and symbols,
Eyes gorge wide.
A shiver meanders at haste down the spine,
As the complexion stagnates grey.

The truth be known, too little and too late.