My Friend, The Hater

Written by: Jimmy Anderson

Haters wait in dark shadows
They hope to see me ‘slip’.
And as the cold wind blows,
So does your lousy ‘friendship’

Your ‘hate’ is equivalent to envy
And I don’t understand why it is so?
I shouldn’t have to contemplate, who’s my enemy
Then I find you’re crawlin’ through my back window!

Though I brushed of the dirt,
But the treachery leaves a stain.
The back-stabbing hurt,
And I kicked you from my heart’s domain!

In your heart, you hate and hate!
And still you smile in my face.
“Broken “promises” is how you communicate
So I don’t hesitate to remove you from my space!

I know that friends are very rare
And you claim you’re one of mine?
How could you follow me anywhere?
When you can’t even walk a straight line.

Yet, you call yourself, my friend;
But you’re not here in my hour of need.
Said you’ll be here ‘til the end;
So why not encourage me to succeed?

True friendship is all that I desire
Not someone who hides behind a mask. 
Someone that I can count on as I go through the fire
Is all that I really ask!

No friend should want to see me fail.
But wish me success in all I do!
Be the ‘muscle’ when I’m frail,
Someone who make promises and follow through!