Love I do Decline

Written by: Robert Dixon

My love has grown for quite some time, respectfully though I must decline.
It hurts me see when you decide, that in your friends you must confide.
You tell them all the things I lack, and how I've scars upon my back.
But did you explain how they arrived, you didn't no, you chose to lie.
The pain I've felt you have no clue, yet you let me undress you.
Our bodies met laying in bed, you scratched my back, I held your head.  
Our breaths increased, our bodies grew hot, I love you so, you love me not.  
When we finished I held you close, you left the bed and grabbed your clothes.
I pleaded with you to stay with me, you frowned and charged me five fifty.
It was then I saw that what you did, was make a man out of this kid.
While my love still shows from time to time, still respectfully I decline.