Lightning God

Written by: Robert Dixon

I stand on the clouds of the darkening sky,
Dark and imposing are they and I.
Lightning forks down on the land
and I am the lonely lightning man.

Look at the sky into the storm
above the cumulo-nimbi forms.
I stand there tall and aroused,
powerfully on my thunder cloud.  

Mortality it seems can be,
Affects all men except for me.
I'm doomed to roam across the earth,
Until the next Lightning-God's birth.

I strike a bolt upon a pyre,
the funeral's eternal fire.
That burns the earth and scorches black,
and brings your souls forth and back.

The people shake and hide in fear,
begging me to leave them here.
The clouds crash, a deaf'ning roar,
The rain continues to pour, and pour.

Till the people bow and pray,
for sunshine to replace the grey.
My only weakness happens to be
the sunlight shining down on me.

So I part my clouds and disappate,
the date has come, I've met my fate.
I'll no longer be the God you see
When lightning comes to freighten thee.