Written by: Osman Gani

No, no, no, no — We will not endure these tortures
Of the ferocious Human beings on us, not any more.
We, Mosquitoes, are the best amongst all creatures
Who remain not idle, accept whatsoever we procure.

The Humans, inhumanly, label us to be the basest
Of creatures and formulate devices to slaughter us.
But we counsel that you at first own evil soul test
And judge your core, inner animals, yourself thus.

You invent coils, sprays, electric tools to demolish
Our race but what regarding you own internal vice.
Try to make something that destroy your Devilish
Nature. You would better try to create that device.

From this night, We, the grand mosquitoes revolt,
We declare, never will we drink the impure blood
Rather would drink the fresh juices from a sprout.
We will not touch blood even if it flows like flood.