Whispered Words

Written by: Jesse Devile

Out of every shadow they creep and crawl,

twisted faces of pain, more evil grins with the night time fall.

The shadows swallow themselves in deeper pits of black,

kind, considerate? These are just the begining of the things they lack.

Children once, beloved by none. Tormenting each other just for fun.

Light hurts, so they stay out of the sun. But even in a sliver of shade there could be a ton.

Fighting, ripping and gnashing at one another,

hating, even though they should be considered blood brother.

A door creaks open, they fall silent and so does the air,

Stillness creeps in heavy like a cool blanket of shivering fear.

She is happy, her long blonde hair flowing out behind her,

"Don't worry Mom! Nothing will happen!" she yelled behind her once more.

Wrapping her scarf around her neck like a noose, it was a little too loose.

She skip-walked, humming a little tune to her childhood,

trying to remember it the best she could.

Whispers in the alley. The drunkard passed out and coming down off crack.

The whispers talk of murder, fowl play they say. Stumbling upward off his back.

Black broken boots belong to a broken owner, doing a stagard walk down the alley.

/Flip Flop\ Goes the clip clops as they meet the side walk. 

Up the ally the voices still in the back of the man's head with the murder talk.

/Bump\ Drunkard and Girl face to face. Her heart pumping hard it just started to race.

Out of his pocket flys a hand. She flitches. No Hit. As her mind catches pace.

"Spare some shchange?" asks the man looking like he is covered in mange.

(bet you all thought this was going to end a little different, huh?)