A Siren's Song

Written by: Samantha McDougal

A bell will meddle sweetly,
Dancing to it's chime.
A shadow casted openly,
Smothered with design.
It's contour shaping softly,
A pillar of gold strength.
The shadow glaring back at it,
A sickly dripping stain.

It's heart is sudden single
It's muttered phrase reclined.
It's rocking you to sleep at night.
It's dwindling down the twine.
When will a gilded car crash
Take it's place tonight,
To ease my troubled waking
And set my stomach right.

I've not yet wanted anything
But to be that charming drain.
To settle all the whimpers,
The toothaches and the pain.
To ward off all this wanting 
And replacing it with need.
To chip away a coveted bell
Tainted through with greed.

I'm pulling on it's pendulum,
I'm knocking on it's door.
It's halo slightly dimmed of light.
It's riches nearing poor.
Defeated just by patience
And slowly slipping time.
A weakened stifled laughter 
Will never hear her chime.