Earthbound Angels

Written by: Anne Rutherford

I was at a place I didn't want to be,
and was privileged to see angels 
working around me.

The angels in heaven were praising 
and singing, as the night angel
here on earth quietly was 
comforting a lady here on this plane.

With a soothing voice ,the night
angel talked to reassure and
with a touch of a hand  let her 
know someone was there.

There also was a day angel ,as 
busy as she was took time to
cool a hot brow, talk to this
sweet lady suffering her last 
days, like she heard every word.

So give praise to God's angels
here on earth ,they do not look
like angels but angels they are.

So bless them do, 
Nurses they are ,all around you.

 Copyright 2008
Poems From The Heart Series
Anne Rutherford.

This is appropriate for my first poem