Written by: trina aiken

Brave are the feet
that have marched twenty miles,
the souls that still shine 
in the darkest of nights,
the heads that hang low
as the bodies continue 

Brave are those with 
fear in their hearts 
who continue to move forward..
Brave are those whose 
spirits stay strong
when everything else has
fallen and shattered around them,
when the broken glass of 
life cuts way too deep,
they walk on 
leaving behind a trail of 
blood on the roads that they have

Brave are those who see 
the brightest light in the
darkest of tunnels,
brave are those who 
see the gate of hell 
and refuse to accept 
the fate before them,
when they know walking 
is the only way to walk

Brave are the people who
go to bed on the worst of days
knowing the sun will 
still rise the next.