Autum's Farewell

Written by: Beatrice Boyle

Autumn’s Farewell

A chill wind rustles through tree branches
Shaking the last of the dying, shriveled leaves,
Softly floating to the ground,
Contributing to the symphony of 
Autumn’s farewell when walked upon..
Squirrels dart about foraging for fallen nuts. 

Summer’s bright afternoon sun
Gives way to Autumn’s brooding light         
Fading earlier each day in anticipation
Of season’s end and of the chill and 
Darkness ahead, with the last leaf
Falling helplessly and inexorably
To the ground.

Spring and Summer’s delight
Fade into memory… as if a fairy tale…
To conjure up when in the midst 
Of the clutch of Winter’s icy spell,
 Watching our hopes and dreams  
 Lying crumpled and faded 
 Under Winters first snowfall.

Oh beautiful Autumn, I feel your pain
Your once glorious mantle of gold…
Your majestic leaves a virtual 
Kaleidoscope of breathtaking hues,
Banished from our sight forever.
But like our youth…the memory
Will live in our hearts forever!
Copyright©2011 Beatrice Boyle
(All rights reserved)

For Carol Brown's contest - Leaves, Leaves, Leaves.