In Love With Your Scent

Written by: Anna Borsick

~ I swear!! your scent I just love.

    It truly makes my soul sing.

    There is no way to exactly explain it, it's as though our souls have meet before.

    For your scent is so familiar, yet so new and renewing like the oceans breeze.

 ~ Your scent tugs on my hearts strings which plays the most beautiful melody that invokes tears of the sweetest joy.

    You ask "If I make you cry , why do you stay?"

    My response is simply this,

          it's your scent,

          it's intoxicating,

          it's additive,

          it's all encompassing,

    and it burns my flesh with desires;

    to my souls deepest regions.

  ~Your scent traps my soul in it's place and takes my heart hostage.

    My mind it captures with that sweet smell of sandalwood and mango that escapes you...........

Shyne930, 2011