Lock,stock and two wine barrels

Written by: Rashia Sonpal

Lock, Stock and two wine barrels

Give me five minutes to catch my breath,

I cannot think for this impossible rushing is deafening my reason,

A leap of faith and I may find myself in a swamp
Sinking, stinking, bogged down,

Or rather,
Will I have the castle in the sky with views stretching across the heavens?

A defiant shove and all the packed boxes-books, shoes and cheap china unravel in a heap of hopelessness,

A sign? From up above? To stay put, to keep the umbilical cord firmly bound and tied to my waist.

Ah! For the simplicity of youth carelessness and disrespect of all things “adult’’

Then the looking glass peeking out from its tissue paper, as if mocking me, daring me, following me...

O! And there it is the not so bright complexion and the strand off silver at the crown off my head.

Quickly the boxes begin to fill plastic wine goblets and bright red stilettos -and Friedrich Nietzsche all together now! 

Heave Ho heave Ho-off to “Paradise we go!