Ready Set Go

Written by: Anya Chebukina

Ready. Set. Go!
But wait I wasn't ready.
Ready. Set. Go!
Wait, i need to talk to you
Ready. Set. Go!
WAIT, I won't go with you

Your running and running in one direction
Not caring or even talking to me
You lied through your teeth 
About how this was for you and me

Ready. Set. Go!
I'm not ready
Ready. Set. Go!
We really need to talk.
Ready. Set. Go!
WAIT, we really need to talk

You wont even wait for me
Your making plans all by yourself
I cant bet a word in
It you and you and only you!

Ready. Set. Go!
To bad. I'm done.
You lost the race.

While you ran ahead so far,
Another came and took your place.

He actually cares, he says the truth
He says he loves me \And he means it to.
But what about you?

You self obsessed 
And say I'm weird
You cuss me out
and then propose a ring?

I don't need it. 

When I needed you 
You ran forward
When i DIDN'T need you 
You came back.

So are you Ready?
Are you Set?
Then GO!
and stay that way forever more.
I'm Done!