Dusky beauty

Written by: Sneha Agarwal

Relax and solitude from the chaos
A walk by the side with soul yours
Night sneaking out from day hours
Even the dull face gives no farce

A meeting of soul after being lost
Quietness lends beautiful talks 
Life turns on such an easy walk  
Momentous time, I am engrossed

Going back to the loved ones
After a day’s tedious run and run
No worries in mind but true fun
The dusk gives so much to learn

Shy wind blows over the face
Evaporating tensions far to gaze
Stars slowly twinkle at all place
Without expectations of grace

Hope of new rise stirs in heart
Past always taught to tear apart
Move on ever with joy and mirth
Forgive and forget the past

Name: Sneha Agarwal
Contest name: In 24 hours