Bled Dry

Written by: Rashia Sonpal

Bled Dry 

I get so tired ,
 imminent blindness grows and
My eyes grow heavy,

I am like the walking dead,
The sun light hurts me so
Burns me to a color I despise
Mars my skin
The light illuminates my imperfections
Inside out

My walls are my tomb
The lovely warmth off its darkness holding me 
Keeping me safe
I want to stay there for an eternity
To quiet the rat race in my head
To stop the questions
The demands
To quiet myself
Darkness is the most soothing thing

I feel drained 
I feel as if the passion as been has been bled from my veins
As if I myself have this time,
Taken a figurative blade to my soul
And the core off me is bleeding dry...

I look around at were I am
What am I doing
And I want to shed my skin 
And run
Is this me now?
Is this who I have become?
A shell off who I wanted to be
And everybody elses ideal...

Too much noise,
Too much noise
And no one understands
No one will shut up!
And listen
When I try to speak my voice cracks 
And the tears flow,

I want to fly
I want to see beauty and create it
I want to give hope back
How can I if I have only a dram left off my own?

To late to late 
Comings and goings
And all that matters in this world is the clatter off coins and folding off notes
And people push and push
And my blood drains 
And my skin grows thinner
And all there is a white noise

I want my darkness...