Woodlot Diarys

Written by: Wayne Sapp

A statesman oak, in fall he spoke to brethren of the wood. Windblown vowels and fluttering jowls deciduous he stood. Calm and serene he argued green for change, said change is good. The Sugar Pine stepped out of line and said he never would. The Sumac said, "I'll show you red!" and red indeed he showed, The Maple leered and, snobbish, sneered "And I will show you gold!" Mulberry trees, devoid of leaves, held transient feathered fruit. But winter breeze chased birds and leaves; it stripped them crown to root. "Oak," said Pine, "you should resign, you've left your fellows bare! I can assure no conifer would oh, so badly err." "Pine," said Oak, "I won't be broke My way is more than fair. Needles catch snow, and green will grow when spring is in the air."