lets make love 6

Written by: Red Fiery

It rained And we were half drenched . 

 My wet RED SARI Invited your eyes

Your unbuttoned shirts Were forced by heavy winds


A sudden desire for love and passion BEGAN TO GROW in our soul

 Our long neglected life Was now ready to break splendid isolation !

 The thunder storm brought me closer to you


I closed my eyes while Grasping your hands .

 You pulled me up in your great arms !

 My soul melted with your sweet touch


We found our space in a wooden house

 My long wet hair Exaggerated your instincts

 We made love throughout the night


Our union strengthened our bond of love

 With Our little poetess was soon found

 after a year she came with her tranquil eyes


We argued constantly deciding her name

 Mom and Dad , we  became  her world

 Our love flourished with the same passion and joy


We made love under the deep blue sky .

 I hear a murmur in my ears 

  Lets make love, Oh my lover