Iridescent Teacher

Written by: Lee Ramage

Only seven years old but always bullied and hurt, A constant string of hurtful names others would blurt, Wondered how I’d ever get through grade three, Figured that was the way life would always be. Until Mrs. Shrum my teacher spoke up one day, She made me feel important in such a special way. Giving me duties that only the best students got, Making the bullies look and feel like a sorry lot. She wrote many glowing praises in my report card, Stating of my behaviour she held the greatest regard. I was kind and considerate, a great asset to the class, Self-esteem grew from the compliments I did amass. Mrs. Shrum made me shine and sparkle like a gem, Only positive feedback, she would never condemn. This wonderful teacher proved to be truly iridescent, I believe because of her, I was not a troubled adolescent. Written October 2, 2011 By Lee Ramage For Frank Herrera’s Contest “Iridescent” Won 3rd Place