SO When

Written by: Lamptey Godson Kofi

Its a blurred image of my wish 
So deeply buried I wish it resurrects as fast
From those  thorns of impracticalities my bones fears to tend
When shall that day be, real, true

A song above the cries of the "Bata" drums, to shout joy
For my birth into a courage, that I lost all this age
Oh Sovi Agbade, god of the thunderous laughter's
Let it flow into my heart and punish my weak ego

Yes, from the olden stocks, i am born
Risen to the call of the dawn criers ogene
That calls me to tend the land, for the seasons seeds of sweats
Aye! I shall respond and on guard long before

This day of this age
To claim my lost glory, from the drown fate
My trampled destiny, today we part communion
For my new image awaits at the outskirt.