My Pride Subdued

Written by: Timothy Abegunde

I simply stumbled when I saw I fumbled;
With my strength I struggled to come over the trouble
But I end up building up more tackles.
I've said, '...well...with my knowledge.., though little.'
Diverting the people's attention from God's temple.
Some too, joggled after me like dull bulls.
I talked as if I were a guru.
Deep within I knew I was feeble-
Not able, even to solve a simple riddle.
But then, I would save my ego too
Any way before the people.

Some handed over to me the praises' mantle- an example.
Again, deep within I knew it is an attribute
Meant only for the incomparable.
Others simply mumbled;
In climax they gathered words to make me lockable 
With their sort of verbal battle.
I thought they weren't faithful (to me).
Somehow, I called them rebels
One said, ' High praises-for God only. For you- unimaginable !'
'Of course not for me ! ' , I rumbled.
At that, Omniscience must have giggled.
'Save my face, I wore my goggle.
That day, the crowd were muddled.
So, I quickly jumbled within the rabble;
Then I left them, though I still bubbled-
I couldn't settle.
And doing that I was gentle
'Cause some already have in their hands broken marbles;
Ready to crush me down with their serious pebbles.
I would have been crumbled !
My condition would have been horrible and terrible.
I would have been in bogus trouble !
I knew God was not baffled;
Lucifer did that and was severely disabled.
Father might have seen mine as a mere twinkle;
He could still  do a sanctioning in the next jiffy.
I just realized my foible...
He took me back - I was forgivable !
A surprise - I was acceptable and receivable !
Never again will I be pride-gullible.   
May God help me always to be humble.