Secret Temptation

Written by: Kaila B.A

I'm so Tempted
Tempted to be with you
I'm so Tempted
Knowing there is nothing I can do
I'm so Tempted
Yet, Temptation is not leaving me alone
Temptation has been around since you were gone
Temptation was never my thing but I think it is time I want you back
I remember your sexy smile with your best looks in black
Baby, I had to let you go and you know you can't blame me for that
But, How about a single romance with no blames, let's call it a bonus night
Only If you knew what is going through my lonely mind
You will see lots of changes, mind is so dirty that will make you go blind
It kills me to know that even for one second me and you can never make it again
So I'm keeping my secret temptation deep inside my fantasias brain